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We developed the SNAKK CMS to streamline content management on their main site, tailored to SNAKK’s needs in post-production for diverse media. This CMS is designed for deep customization and seamless integration, enabling us to facilitate project scaling from minor social updates to major campaigns.



Based on our client's needs, it became clear that standard CMS solutions are not able to provide the required functionality and depth of customization. Therefore, we decided to develop SNAKK CMS - a personalized solution designed to provide a high degree of customization and optimal integration with our customer's existing business processes.


During the development process, we focused on building a technologically advanced and scalable system. Using NestJS combined with PostgreSQL, we built a robust server architecture capable of scaling efficiently in response to growing business needs. Microservices designed to manage large volumes of images and videos not only optimize the data, but also significantly reduce the load on the core service, improving overall system performance. On the frontend, we chose React, which allowed us to create a dynamic and responsive interface. Together with Redux, this technology is ideal for handling multiple requests and interactive forms, while ensuring strict data validation on both the client and server side. We have laid the foundation that will allow us to easily add new features and adapt the system to changing business requirements, thus ensuring long-term development.


The development of SNAKK CMS started with a thorough UX design to clearly define the key user needs. Working closely with the client, we developed warframes that helped us visualize the structure of the future system. This process allowed us to identify and address potential interaction issues early on. In the next step, we created a unique system of UI components that met all of the inherent goals of the UX design. This system not only reinforced the visual unity of the interface, but also made it easy to customize and extend functionality. Each component was thoughtfully designed to ensure intuitive navigation and effective interaction with content. We also paid attention to the adaptability of the design to simplify the use of the CMS on different devices, focusing on usability on desktops and mobile devices.

In focus

  • Authorization
  • Roles
  • Versions
  • Media Grid
  • Artist Role

SNAKK CMS provides a high level of security thanks to a closed access system and multi-level authentication. These measures protect against unauthorized access and ensure that only authorized users can manage content. Additional protections prevent outsiders from modifying data, keeping important information safe.

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