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Nova Logistics offers tailored logistics solutions for a wide array of fashion, luxury, and lifestyle brands. Boasting decades of experience and expertise in cargo management, the company provides an unparalleled customer experience.



When Nova Logistics approached us to update their website, our first task was to create branding to reflect their fashion and logistics operations. Creating a brandbook helped set new visual standards that became the basis for the website design. We carefully selected colors and fonts to match the brand's current vision while maintaining brand recognition. Based on the updated standards, we developed a series of graphic illustrations, improving the interactivity and visual experience of the site. We used the Next.js framework to develop the site, choosing it for its excellent performance and improved SEO capabilities. This choice allowed us to ensure fast loading pages and optimize the site for search engines, which is crucial for attracting new customers. The Nova Logistics website displays perfectly on all types of devices, providing consumers with a superior engagement experience. In the end, we created not just a new website, but a complete platform that reflects Nova Logistics' strategic goals and provides users with a high quality interaction experience.


customer feedback

“Our collaboration with clikk studio resulted in a successful rebranding effort and an enhanced website experience. The incorporation of subtle animations, improved SEO practices, and a user-centric design positions Nova Logistics as a brand that resonates seamlessly with fashion, lifestyle, and specialized brands.”
Rovin Seosankar
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