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SNAKK is a creative studio tailored for the social age, specializing in post-production services that span film, mixed media, 3D, and AR. The studio merges art and commerce, possessing the resources to scale projects from social media initiatives to full-scale campaigns.



We carefully crafted each element to reflect the unique concept and identity of the brand, while meeting the expectations and preferences of the target audience. The first step was a branding refresh, where we created a unique and memorable visual message that reflects the company's core values and mission. The new brand identity not only communicates product information, but also builds an emotional connection with the audience. The new website design presents a clean and attractive interface that emphasizes aesthetics and functionality, making interaction with the product more intuitive and enjoyable. This update became the foundation for all subsequent changes, emphasizing a modern approach and attention to detail. Using the Next.js framework, we significantly improved the performance of the site. This allowed us to optimize SEO, speeding up page loads and improving their indexing by search engines, resulting in increased organic traffic and a better user experience.


In focus

  • Graphics
  • Custom player
  • Animations
  • Optimization
  • Filtration
  • Media Grid

In collaboration with our motion designer, we created a series of unique graphic elements that became the visual language of the SNAKK brand. These elements not only enhance the visual perception of the website, but also bring brightness to the daily interaction of users, making page browsing more exciting and memorable.

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